FAQ: What Is Kateri Tekakwitha A Patron Saint Of?

Why does the church honor Saint Kateri Tekakwitha?

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) is honored by the Catholic Church as the patroness of ecology and the environment. At the age of four, smallpox attacked her village, taking the lives of her parents and baby brother, and leaving Tekakwitha an orphan.

Where is Saint Kateri from?

The first ever Native American saint has been canonised by the Roman Catholic Church in a ceremony at the Vatican. Kateri Tekakwitha – sometimes known as Lily of the Mohawks – died more than 300 years ago, but is thought by some to have performed a miracle as recently as 2006.

What is saint Lillian known for?

Married to Saint Felix of Cordoba. A covert Christian who was careful not to display enough of her faith to risk the attention of Muslim neighbors. However, stories of the persecutions of active Christians shamed her into openly living his faith.

What does the name Tekakwitha mean?

Means ” she who bumps into things” or “she who puts things in place ” in Mohawk. Tekakwitha, also named Kateri, was the first Native American Catholic saint.

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Who baptized Kateri Tekakwitha?

She began to lead a life inspired by the example of those men, and at age 20 she was instructed in religion and baptized Catherine (rendered Kateri in Mohawk speech) by Jacques de Lamberville, Jesuit missionary to the Iroquois Indians.

How do you say Kateri?


  1. I’ve heard it pronounced by English-speaking people as kah-tair-ee.
  2. Gah-da-lee Deh-gah-Gwee-tah is the correct pronunciation in the Mohawk language.
  3. The K in the Mohawk language is pronounced as a G, instead of a K, the T usually makes a D sound and R as L.
  4. The Mohawk form of Catherine.

How old was Saint Kateri Tekakwitha when she died?

Sister Alphonsa will become India’s first woman saint when she is canonized by Pope Benedict at a special ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday.

Who was the 1st Catholic Pope?

As the capital of the empire, Rome is also a natural centre for the growing church. Unlike any other Christian see, Rome can put at least a name to every bishop in an unbroken line back to the 1st century of the Christian era and to St Peter himself as the first pope.

Who is the patron saint of blindness?

Saint Lucy, also known as Saint Lucia or Saint Lukia is the patron saint of the blind. Born to rich and noble parents in Syracuse, Sicily, in the year 283 AD she lost her Roman father in infancy.

Where is Saint Kateri buried?

Kateri Tekakwitha or Tekaouïta (baptised Catherine), known as the Lily of the Mohawks, first North American Aboriginal person elevated to sainthood (born in 1656 at Ossernenon in Iroquois country, now Auriesville, NY; died 17 April 1680 at the St. Francis Xavier Mission at Sault St. Louis, New France, now Kahnawake).

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How many American saints are there?

If he is canonized, Father Solanus Casey would join a select group of American saints. While there are more than 10,000 saints in the Roman Catholic Church, less than a dozen are from the United States.