Often asked: Who Is The Patron Saint On June 25 1953?

What is St William the patron saint of?

Saint William of Perth (died c. 1201), also known as Saint William of Rochester was a Scottish saint who was martyred in England. He is the patron saint of adopted children.

What saint is June 28?

Saints. Hieromartyr Donagus, Bishop of Libya, by fire. Martyr Macedonius. The holy Two Children, who were crucified.

What saint day is June 28?

Saint Paul I, (born, Rome [Italy]—died June 28, 767, Rome; feast day June 28), pope from 757 to 767.

What saint feast day is June 7?

June 7. Robert of Newminster ( c. 1100–1159) was a priest, abbot, and a saint of the Catholic Church.

What feast day is June 24?

On June 24, Florence celebrates the feast day for its patron saint, St. John the Baptist, considered the “symbol of moral rectitude and political correctness”* on whom medieval Florence aspired to build its economic fortune and good government of the Republic.

Who is the patron saint of children?

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, prostitutes, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, unmarried people, and students in various cities and countries around Europe.

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Who was St Michael Archangel?

Saint Michael is an archangel, a spiritual warrior in the battle of good versus evil. He is considered a champion of justice, a healer of the sick, and the guardian of the Church. In art Saint Michael is depicted with a sword, a banner, or scales, and is often shown vanquishing Satan in the form of a dragon.

Who is St Liam?

Saint Liam was a bay stallion bred in Kentucky by Edward Evans. He was sired by Saint Ballado, a stakes-winning son of Halo. His dam was Quiet Dance, a graded-stakes placed daughter of Quiet American. Another foal of Quiet Dance, Quiet Giant, subsequently became the dam of 2017 Horse of the Year Gun Runner.

Who is the patron saint of depression and anxiety?

Patronage. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental illness and anxiety.

Is there a patron saint of poop?

He is the patron saint of bowel disorders. Bonaventure is remembered in the Church of England with a commemoration on 15 July.