Quick Answer: St Pancratius Is The Patron Saint Of What?

What is St Pancras named after?

The parish was named after Saint Pancras, a 14-year-old boy who had converted to Christianity and would not renounce his faith. As a result, he was beheaded by Diocletian in Rome in 304AD. He is the patron saint of children. St Pancras is a Greek name meaning ‘the one that holds everything’.

Where was Saint Pancras born?

As the name of London’s second busiest railway and underground station, the name ‘St Pancras’ is well known to many Londoners, as well as travellers from abroad, as the station is the terminus for Eurostar trains arriving from Europe. The station is also across the road from the British Library.

How do you go from St Pancras to Kings Cross?

Kings Cross to Kings Cross St Pancras International Pancras International involves a short walk between stations. If you’re coming into Kings Cross on a UK train, walk to the end of the station platform to go through the ticket barriers and exit onto Kings Cross Square.

What is St Pancras station most famous for today?

St Pancras is a 19th century station that delivers a 21st century regional, intercity, continental and high speed railway to London. Owned by HS1 Limited and managed by Network Rail, today it is a key London interchange and the very definition of a ‘destination station’.

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What did St Pancras station used to be?

The original St Pancras was opened in 1868 after two years of construction. The front façade of the station became the Midland Great Hotel in 1876. The hotel was closed and transformed into the railway offices of the station, known as St Pancras Chambers, in 1935.

What architectural style is St Pancras?

St. Pancras station opened in 1868 and is one of the wonders of Victorian engineering. Along with the former Midland Grand Hotel, it is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the World.

What’s the difference between Kings Cross and St Pancras?

And their names are both totally representative of this shared area in which they find themselves; St Pancras being the older term for this part of London, but King’s Cross arguably the more widespread (and notorious). King’s Cross is the more senior of the two stations.

What train lines go to Kings Cross?

King’s Cross St Pancras Underground station links six London Underground lines – Circle, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City, Northern, Metropolitan and Victoria. This makes it the biggest interchange on the London Underground, and one of the busiest.

What happened at Kings Cross Station?

More than 150 firefighters and 30 fire engines were called to a blaze at King’s Cross station at on the evening of 18 November 1987. The blaze, which is thought to have started around 7:25pm, when a lit match fell through a gap on a wooden escalator and set fire to the grease and litter beneath the steps.